General election 2019

The Christmas election called by Prime Minister Boris Johnson is one of the most dramatic political contests in living memory. Not only is it set to determine Britain's relationship to the EU (the world's largest economy), but the two leading parties, Conservative and Labour, are standing on radically divergent manifestos. The Tories are promoting a vision of modern liberal capitalism with low taxes, small government and free enterprise at its core. Labour is promoting a vision of modern socialism, with a strong interventionist state working to level inequalities and redress injustices at its core. Support for both wings is set to be split by insurgent smaller parties: the Brexit party and the Lib Dems. The Scots and the Irish also have particularly powerful voices and agendas. This battle of ideas will be a once-in-a-generation resetting of UK plc. The result will echo down the ages. Those at school today may not be able to vote, but they will certainly live with the aftermath. It is incumbent on all of us to explain the issues and cover the debates fairly and factually so that young people can take stock of the world they are about to inherit.