Christmas cheer

Was 2020 the worst year in history? Historians say 536 AD was even worse: freezing temperatures; a plague that wiped out a third of humanity; and a fog that plunged Europe into darkness for the entire 12 months. But in the annals of awfulness, 2020 remains pretty near the top: devastating bushfires; a billion animals killed; Iran and the USA on the brink of war; the killing of George Floyd; many other outrages against black people; a plague of locusts in Africa. And that’s all before Covid-19 struck, killing 1.5m people so far and wiping out a billion jobs. But don’t despair. Some good things did happen this year. We have scoured the archives to find one good news story for every month – a dozen reasons to punch the air and cry “yay!”. In fact, let us call them our 12 yays of Christmas, if you’ll forgive the worse-than-a-cracker pun… See you on the other side.