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Sparks of genius give hope on climate

Does ingenuity always save us in the end? Clever new inventions made for a competition could help us fix the climate crisis.  What's happening?  Have you ever seen a cow wearing a mask?  It might sound like the start of a joke, but soon it might be common. A new invention might help fight climate change. Find out more Cows are a problem for the planet. Their burps contain methane. It is a greenhouse gas.  Zelp is a mask that goes over a cow's nose. It does not hurt the animal. Cows can still eat and breathe. But the mask stops the methane from going into the air. Now, the inventors have won a prize. Lots of other inventions did well in the competition. Here are three: 1. Amphitex. It is a fabric that breaks down in nature. 2. Aerseed. These are pods made from food waste carried by the wind to spread seeds.  3. Dandelion tyre. A special tyre that does not shed tiny bits of rubber. This could help fight plastic pollution.  Humans are clever at finding ways to solve problems. We have done for thousands of years. Does ingenuity always save us in the end? Some say Yes! One example is Covid-19. When it first appeared, nobody knew much about it. Now we have ways to test it. And we have vaccines! We can always think of ways to solve problems.  Others think No. Some problems are too big. Climate change can only be fixed if we all work together to change how we live. Clever inventions will not save us.   KeywordsMethane - A particularly strong greenhouse gas produced by fossil fuels and cattle.

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