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Secrets of human body clock revealed

Is sleep the key to health? A revolutionary new book on natural bodily rhythms reveals how the way we sleep affects our weight, our relationships and our decision-making. What's happening? Tina woke up at 2am. She checked her phone for messages. Then she went to the kitchen and ate a large bowl of cereal. Back in bed, she picked up her tablet and started watching TV.  According to an expert, these are the worst things she could do. Now, he has written a book to explain why.  Find out more Professor Russel Foster is a sleep expert. His new book says that sleep is the most important thing in our lives. In fact, most people should get nine to ten hours of sleep each night.  Each person has a body clock. It is a natural pattern. It controls everything that happens in our bodies over 24 hours. To be healthy, we have to work together with this rhythm. Foster says that night time is best for recovering. People with illnesses get better when they have more sleep. Painkillers work best when we have them just before bed.  And it could be good for healthy eating too. People who are more tired tend to feel more hungry. Studies show people who sleep longer eat less.  Is sleep the key to health? Some say  Yes! Our bodies work to a timetable. They need time to recover. If we do not get enough sleep, lots could go wrong!  Others think  No. Sleep is just one part of health. It is just one of several factors. Eating properly and taking exercise are just as important.  KeywordsLarge bowl of cereal - Foster recommends a light evening meal and warns against late-night snacks.

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