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Scientists send aliens a bold new message

Is this sensible? A new project will send a long message out into space. Its goal is to contact aliens in space.  What's happening? Humans have been looking for aliens for a long time. But now, we might be closer than ever.  Scientists are sending a message into space – they hope aliens will be able to read it.  Find out more The message is called the Beacon in the Galaxy. It will be sent into space.  It contains photos of humans. There is information about life on Earth. It even has details about our solar system and how to find us.  The Beacon in the Galaxy has a message for aliens: if you get this, please reply.  Some people are excited. The message is being sent to the part of the universe that is most likely to have aliens. We could soon be in touch!  Others are worried. They say we might be attacked by aliens. It could be dangerous.  Is this sensible? Some say Yes! There are probably lots of aliens. It would be great to talk to them. They will not attack us if we send them a friendly message.  Others think  No. It could be dangerous. The message will act like an invitation to aliens to come and do what they like on Earth. They might invade. We should be more careful.  KeywordsGalaxy - A system of millions or billions of stars, gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction.

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