Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

“Those humans we planted seem to be growing well!” Captions, please!

  1. Who wrote the masterpiece known as The Decameron?
    1. Boccaccio
    2. Chaucer
    3. Homer
  2. Who said: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
    1. Jane Austen
    2. Oscar Wilde
    3. Mark Twain
  3. Which of the following is recommended to relieve mental stress?
    1. Lemon juice every morning
    2. Half an hour’s “worry time” per day
    3. Ten press-ups before bed
  4. What does the philosopher Yuval Noah Harari say we need more of?
    1. Global co-operation
    2. Government surveillance
    3. Good news
  5. What food do moles stock up on?
    1. Truffles
    2. Worms
    3. Cheese
  6. When did the modern Olympic Games start?
    1. 1698
    2. 1968
    3. 1896
  7. What comic newspaper was popular in the trenches of World War One?
    1. The Mudlark
    2. The Wipers Times
    3. Passing Bells
  8. What was the name of President Lincoln’s most famous speech?
    1. I am prepared to die
    2. I have a dream
    3. The Gettysburg address
  9. What’s the name of the cocktail invented for the lockdown?
    1. Quarantini
    2. Quarantoni
    3. Corona sour
  10. Who gave up his respirator for a younger man?
    1. Father Augustus
    2. Padre Pio
    3. Father Giuseppe Berardelli
  11. All competing nations had at least one female athlete in the Olympics in…
    1. AD 700
    2. 1896
    3. 2012
  12. Which member of the UK royal family caught the coronavirus last week?
    1. Prince Andrew
    2. Prince Phillip
    3. Prince Charles

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Gymnast accused of taking performance enhancing drugs.” Hele’s School

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