Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

“Ah, I think spring is sprung…” Send us your captions, please!

  1. How long does Elon Musk claim it will take to fly to Mars?
    1. 30 days
    2. 300 days
    3. 3 days
  2. By 1920, how many people had died of the Spanish flu pandemic?
    1. About 200,000
    2. About 2 million
    3. More than 20 million
  3. Where did the Covid-19 virus begin?
    1. A Chinese research lab
    2. A bat
    3. An American bio-weapons facility
  4. Which of these is a genuine Bernie Saunders policy?
    1. The Green New Deal
    2. Rent-free housing for all
    3. Abolition of air travel
  5. What is claimed to be better for wellbeing than self-help books?
    1. Playing weekly football
    2. Reading classic literature
    3. Playing an instrument
  6. Who said, 200 years ago, that population growth will destroy Earth?
    1. Walter Scott
    2. John Keats
    3. Thomas Malthus
  7. How much of the world’s population is breathing polluted air right now?
    1. 90%
    2. 19%
    3. 9%
  8. What is the name of someone who studies the spread of disease?
    1. Epistemologist
    2. Lepidopterist
    3. Epidemiologist
  9. What does “zoomorphic” mean?
    1. A witch’s curse
    2. With the shape of an animal
    3. Full of energy
  10. Which country are most refugees to Europe fleeing from right now?
    1. Syria
    2. Turkey
    3. Iran
  11. Who were the Huguenots?
    1. Indian untouchables who fled to Africa
    2. Russian peasants who fled the Revolution
    3. French Protestants who fled persecution
  12. Which big movie got postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic?
    1. Wonder Woman
    2. James Bond
    3. Black Widow

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Lemur alone, I need my coffee.” Bennett Memorial Diocesan School

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