Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

No, I am not ameowsed… Send us your captions, please!

  1. The story of Santa began with a powerful substance, according to two professors. What?
    1. Whisky
    2. Magic mushrooms
    3. Cheese
  2. A UK astronaut has said there is life on Mars. What does it look like?
    1. A will-o’-the-wisp
    2. Porridge
    3. An octopus
  3. Beauty pageants are controversial. How many women entered for Miss England in 2019?
    1. 5
    2. 5,000
    3. 20,000
  4. A quarter of us ditch New Year’s resolutions within a week. Why?
    1. They are too boring
    2. They are too easy
    3. They are too big
  5. Why are koala bears so badly affected by bushfires?
    1. They burn very easily
    2. They have weak lungs
    3. They can’t run
  6. How did George W Bush famously describe Iran?
    1. The cesspit of history
    2. The axis of evil
    3. The wellspring of wickedness
  7. What is the League Against Cruel Sports most angry about?
    1. Lacrosse
    2. Boxing
    3. Fox hunting
  8. What percentage of the Universe is “dark matter” and, thus, invisible to us?
    1. 2%
    2. 99.5%
    3. 48%
  9. How did US director Frank Capra describe the worst sin of film-making?
    1. Being boring
    2. Showing people eating
    3. Making the opening credits too long
  10. What invention did restaurant-goers enjoy at the Consumer Electronics Show this week?
    1. Drone plates that fly to your table
    2. Print-your-own steaks
    3. A robot cat waiter
  11. Why is Molly-Mae in disgrace with Instagram?
    1. For promoting Pretty Little Thing
    2. For eating insects on camera
    3. For criticising Prince Harry
  12. The Sun newspaper headline when Harry and Meghan announced they were giving up royal duties was:
    1. We quit!
    2. Megxit
    3. Queen’s Fury!

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Gymnast accused of taking performance enhancing drugs.” Hele’s School

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1b, 2a, 3c, 4c, 5a, 6b, 7c, 8b, 9a, 10c, 11a, 12b

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