Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

The water cycle… Send us your best captions please!

  1. Since the release of HBO’s Chernobyl series, bookings to the site of the catastrophe have soared by how much?
    1. 90%
    2. 20%
    3. 40%
  2. How many tourists visited Auschwitz in 2018?
    1. 200,000
    2. 2 million
    3. 7 million
  3. Which newspaper described the House of Commons as “The House of Fools” on Sunday?
    1. The Mail on Sunday
    2. The Sun
    3. The Observer
  4. Which type of insect do ants keep as cattle to “milk”?
    1. Mayflies
    2. Maggots
    3. Aphids
  5. In which year did Princess Diana die?
    1. 1987
    2. 1992
    3. 1997
  6. Who was the inventor Thomas Edison’s great rival?
    1. Steve Jobs
    2. Nikola Tesla
    3. Alexander Graham Bell
  7. Which of these political parties opposes abortion unless the mother’s life is in danger?
    1. The Conservative Party
    2. The Democratic Unionist Party
    3. Sinn Féin
  8. What is David Attenborough’s new TV series called?
    1. Our Planet
    2. Planet Earth III
    3. Seven Worlds, One Planet
  9. Scientists in which countries are trying to bring woolly mammoths back from the dead?
    1. Japan and Russia
    2. Norway and Denmark
    3. Spain and Portugal
  10. How long ago was a boy last born in the village of Miejsce Odrzanskie?
    1. 20 years
    2. 10 years
    3. Five years
  11. Researchers claim which year was the most unhappy year in British history?
    1. 1851
    2. 1941
    3. 1978
  12. Which country was named the world’s best tourist destination this week by Lonely Planet magazine?
    1. Mauritius
    2. England
    3. Bhutan

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“When you run out of web-shooter…” Hampton College

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1c, 2b, 3a, 4c, 5c, 6b, 7b, 8c, 9a, 10b, 11c, 12c

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