Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

Boris’s number one fan… Send us your best captions!

  1. What is the name of Boris Johnson’s partner?
    1. Alice Foxwell
    2. Carrie Symonds
    3. Lily Atkins
  2. When did the USA and Iran sign the “Iran Nuclear Deal”?
    1. 2014
    2. 2015
    3. 2016
  3. Which politician said that the USA is running “concentration camps” along its southern border?
    1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    2. Elizabeth Warren
    3. Donald Trump
  4. Which team did England beat to make it to the quarter finals in the Women’s World Cup?
    1. South Korea
    2. The Netherlands
    3. Cameroon
  5. When was the female contraceptive pill first made available in Britain?
    1. 1951
    2. 1961
    3. 1971
  6. Which famous actor quit the Royal Shakespeare Company over its sponsorship ties with BP?
    1. Mark Rylance
    2. David Tennant
    3. Helen Mirren
  7. For what was Kim Kardashian West accused of cultural appropriation in 2018?
    1. Wearing cornrows
    2. Wearing a Native American headdress
    3. Wearing a bindi
  8. According to a new study, how many manufacturing jobs could be lost to robots by 2030?
    1. 20 million
    2. 50 million
    3. 100 million
  9. How many people are there on Earth today?
    1. 6.2 billion
    2. 7.7 billion
    3. 9.6 billion
  10. …and how many does the UN think there will be in 2100?
    1. 9.5 billion
    2. 17.1 billion
    3. 10.9 billion
  11. The new film Yesterday imagines a world without The Beatles. Who directed the film?
    1. Mike Newall
    2. Richard Curtis
    3. Danny Boyle
  12. In an interview this week, what did Boris Johnson say he does in his spare time?
    1. Collects old Churchill memorabilia
    2. Renovates old tractors
    3. Paints buses onto the sides of crates

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“New extreme sport: budgie jumping!” Hampton College

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