Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

Bearly any room! Send us your funniest captions please…

  1. What is the name of the Venezuelan president currently facing protests and calls to resign?
    1. Hugo Chávez
    2. Nicolás Maduro
    3. Juan Guaidó
  2. Which of these social media apps is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg NOT planning to merge into one system?
    1. WhatsApp
    2. Instagram
    3. Snapchat
  3. Roughly how many health apps are available around the world?
    1. 165,000
    2. 720,000
    3. 1.2 million
  4. What is the name of Ernest Shackleton’s doomed ship, which sank off the coast of Antarctica in 1915?
    1. The Endurance
    2. The Constitution
    3. The Endeavour
  5. Theresa May is going back to the EU to ask for changes to the Brexit withdrawal agreement. Which part?
    1. The future trade relationship
    2. The Irish backstop
    3. The £39 billion divorce bill
  6. Which celebrity has launched a petition to make online abuse a “specific criminal offence” in the UK?
    1. Meghan Markle
    2. Katie Price
    3. Harry Styles
  7. Which American city was colder than the North Pole on Wednesday?
    1. Chicago
    2. New York City
    3. Los Angeles
  8. Meanwhile, which city in Australia reached temperatures of 47C?
    1. Sydney
    2. Melbourne
    3. Adelaide
  9. Friends is the most popular TV show amongst young people in Britain. When did its final episode air?
    1. 2000
    2. 2004
    3. 2007
  10. Who said that “God wanted Donald Trump to become president” this week?
    1. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders
    2. Vice President Mike Pence
    3. Pope Francis
  11. How long ago did Britain disconnect from mainland Europe and become an island?
    1. Two million years
    2. 450,000 years
    3. 11,000 years
  12. A survey has named the three favourite musicians of seven to 17-year-olds. Who did NOT make the top three?
    1. Ed Sheeran
    2. Stormzy
    3. AC/DC

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“When you see the HAREdressers have re-opened.” Hull Collegiate School

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