Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

A bad day for May… Send us your funniest captions!

  1. Traditionally, when the does the period of Advent officially begin?
    1. December 1
    2. The fourth Sunday before Christmas
    3. The first Sunday of December
  2. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to move out of Kensington Palace, making a new home in which royal house?
    1. Balmoral
    2. Frogmore Cottage
    3. Blenheim Palace
  3. Approximately how many vegans are there in Britain?
    1. 600,000
    2. 6 million
    3. 60 million
  4. Who is Britain’s home secretary?
    1. Amber Rudd
    2. Boris Johnson
    3. Sajid Javid
  5. David Attenborough’s recent series Dynasties did not feature an episode about which of these animals?
    1. Elephants
    2. Penguins
    3. Lions
  6. What is Michelle Obama’s new memoir called?
    1. Building
    2. Winning
    3. Becoming
  7. What percentage of people voted to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum?
    1. 48%
    2. 50.5%
    3. 51.9%
  8. Brussel sprouts are Britain’s third most hated food. Which two other items come in first and second place?
    1. Curry and spinach
    2. Liver and fish
    3. Marmite and corned beef
  9. Which artist won the 2018 Turner Prize?
    1. Charlotte Prodger
    2. Tracey Emin
    3. Anish Kapoor
  10. What is the colour of the year for 2019?
    1. Tangerine Tango
    2. Living Coral
    3. Radiant Orchid
  11. In 2018, what was YouTube’s top trending video in the UK?
    1. The David Dobrik and Liza Koshy break-up
    2. Royal wedding highlights
    3. Paul McCartney’s Carpool Karaoke
  12. In the song Frosty the Snowman, what made Frosty come to life?
    1. An old silk hat
    2. The spirit of Christmas
    3. Magic snow

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“We’re going to need a bigger boat.” Bennett Memorial Diocesan School

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