Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

Trump pardons a turkey before Thanksgiving. Send us your captions!

  1. Who has accused the UK government of inflicting “great misery” on its poorest citizens?
    1. Donald Trump
    2. Prince Charles
    3. The United Nations
  2. Roughly how many people vape (e.g. smoke e-cigarettes) worldwide?
    1. 10 million
    2. 40 million
    3. 100 million
  3. Which technology billionaire has spent seven years and £155 million reinventing the toilet?
    1. Mark Zuckerberg
    2. Elon Musk
    3. Bill Gates
  4. Which country did England’s football team beat 2-1 over the weekend?
    1. France
    2. Croatia
    3. Portugal
  5. Which former UK prime minister was elected after campaigning to fix “broken Britain”?
    1. David Cameron
    2. Tony Blair
    3. Winston Churchill
  6. Around 150 UK workers have been implanted with microchips for work, but in which body part?
    1. Foot
    2. Neck
    3. Hand
  7. New statistics show that 55,000 children in the UK are…
    1. Smokers
    2. Problem gamblers
    3. Heavy drinkers
  8. Which US president declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in America?
    1. George Washington
    2. Abraham Lincoln
    3. Theodore Roosevelt
  9. Elon Musk has invented a new type of transportation. He will open tests to the public next month. What is it?
    1. The hyperloop
    2. Hover boards
    3. Jetpacks
  10. A new documentary has been made about triplets who were separated at birth. What is it called?
    1. The Power of Three
    2. Oh, Brother!
    3. Three Identical Strangers
  11. When did Black Friday originate in the US?
    1. 1900s
    2. 1950s
    3. 1980s
  12. On Tuesday Trump “pardoned” a turkey to save it from being eaten. (See above!) What was the turkey’s name?
    1. Peas
    2. Carrots
    3. Potatoes

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Don’t let the cat out of the bag!” West Buckland School

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1c, 2b, 3c, 4b, 5a, 6c, 7b, 8b, 9a, 10c, 11b, 12a

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