Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

These pandas are enjoying some early snowfall… Send us your captions!

  1. Which charity did Iceland make its banned Christmas advert with?
    1. Oxfam
    2. Greenpeace
    3. Amnesty International
  2. How much did the UK spend on commemorating the centenary of the First World War?
    1. £5.5 million
    2. £26 million
    3. £50 million
  3. Which UK supermarket just launched a range of vegan burgers that look and taste like meat?
    1. Morrisons
    2. Marks & Spencer
    3. Tesco
  4. What percentage of the US adult population is unmarried?
    1. 30%
    2. 45%
    3. 60%
  5. Who said “patriotism is exactly the opposite of nationalism”?
    1. Donald Trump
    2. Angela Merkel
    3. Emmanuel Macron
  6. How much debt does the average student in England leave university with?
    1. £27,000
    2. £50,000
    3. £74,000
  7. Which comic book company did Stan Lee create superheroes for?
    1. Marvel Comics
    2. DC Comics
    3. Archie Comics
  8. How many separate wildfires ravaged the state of California this week?
    1. Two
    2. Three
    3. Five
  9. Which famous artist was said to be “quite scathing” about David Hockney’s paintings?
    1. Pablo Picasso
    2. Tracey Emin
    3. Lucian Freud
  10. How did Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg describe Theresa May’s Brexit deal?
    1. A ghastly idea
    2. A rotten deal
    3. An abominable plan
  11. Which singer-songwriter stars in this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert?
    1. Paul McCartney
    2. Adele
    3. Elton John
  12. Which popular dessert could be banned in the UK for its sugar content?
    1. Freakshakes
    2. Candy floss
    3. Cornettos

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“It seems the rabbits had misunderstood their job at the petting zoo.” Balcarras School

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