Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

Halloween monkey business… send us your funniest captions!

  1. Brexit is approaching fast. But on which date will Britain officially leave the European Union?
    1. March 29, 2019
    2. April 29, 2019
    3. May 29, 2019
  2. Explosives were sent to some of President Donald Trump’s critics last week. Which of these people were not targeted?
    1. Barack Obama
    2. Hillary Clinton
    3. Bill Gates
  3. America suffered its worst ever anti-Semitic attack when a mass shooter targeted a synagogue — in which city?
    1. Pittsburgh
    2. Chicago
    3. New York
  4. “The era of austerity is finally coming to an end,” declared which British politician this week?
    1. Boris Johnson
    2. Philip Hammond
    3. Esther McVey
  5. What is the definition of the word “misogyny”?
    1. Hatred of women
    2. Hatred of men
    3. Hatred of insects
  6. According to the 2011 census, how many people in the UK recorded their religion as pagan?
    1. 500
    2. 5,700
    3. 57,000
  7. “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Who said this famous quote?
    1. Mother Theresa
    2. Martin Luther King Jr
    3. Jesus Christ
  8. America has urged Saudi Arabia to impose a ceasefire in which war-torn country?
    1. Afghanistan
    2. Yemen
    3. Iraq
  9. What is the largest country which is situated wholly in Europe? (It does not stretch between two continents.)
    1. France
    2. Belarus
    3. Ukraine
  10. Worldwide, how many Google searches are there per day?
    1. 1 billion
    2. 3.5 billion
    3. 10 billion
  11. Carol Ann Duffy has written a new poem to commemorate the First World War. What is it called?
    1. War of the World
    2. The Wound in Time
    3. For the Fallen
  12. The England cricket team start a new Test series abroad next week. Who are they playing?
    1. Sri Lanka
    2. India
    3. Pakistan

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Barry! What did I say? Keep your mouth shut when eating!” Hele’s school

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