Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

Who’s horsing around? Send us your funniest captions, please!

  1. According to a major new study, how much more likely are fake news stories to be retweeted than real ones?
    1. 30%
    2. 50%
    3. 70%
  2. Which of these places did Sergei Skripal, the Russian ex-spy, not visit shortly before being poisoned in Salisbury?
    1. A pizza restaurant
    2. A bowling alley
    3. A pub
  3. What is the name of the nerve agent used to poison Skripal and his daughter?
    1. Novocain
    2. Novichok
    3. Novosibirsk
  4. What is the term for a pure-bred animal?
    1. Filigree
    2. Apogee
    3. Pedigree
  5. What did North Korean leader Kim Jong-un call Donald Trump?
    1. A mentally deranged dotard
    2. A physically challenged blowhard
    3. A badly coiffed loser
  6. According to a major well-being survey, how do those aged 25-34 compare with those aged 15-24?
    1. Happier
    2. Less happy
    3. The same
  7. How long would it take to travel from London to Edinburgh by hyperloop, the super-fast mode of transport being developed in the US?
    1. Half a second
    2. Half a minute
    3. Half an hour
  8. Who is Donald Trump’s secretary of state?
    1. Mike Pompeo
    2. Rex Tillerson
    3. Jeff Sessions
  9. Which of the following did Stephen Hawking have?
    1. A knighthood
    2. An Albert Einstein Award
    3. A Nobel Prize
  10. Who did Vladimir Putin work for before entering politics and becoming President of Russia?
    1. The KGB
    2. Goldman Sachs
    3. Nasa
  11. How many people practice yoga around the world?
    1. 500 million
    2. One billion
    3. Two billion
  12. This week, a row broke out about the correct way to serve which food?
    1. Burgers
    2. Scones
    3. Fish and chips

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“When you see the HAREdressers have re-opened.” Hull Collegiate School

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1c, 2b, 3b, 4c, 5a, 6b, 7c, 8a, 9b, 10a, 11c, 12b

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