Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

A flying figure skater. Send us your funniest captions, please!

  1. Which ancient bard wrote the epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey?
    1. Homer
    2. Virgil
    3. Sophocles
  2. Which charity caused a major scandal following revelations of abuse by its aid workers in Haiti?
    1. Oxfam
    2. Amnesty International
    3. Unicef
  3. How many Baftas did the film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri win this week?
    1. 2
    2. 5
    3. 7
  4. Notes by a 1980s communist spy described which politician like so: “behaviour is reserved and courteous, however, occasionally explosive”?
    1. Jeremy Corbyn
    2. Theresa May
    3. Vince Cable
  5. What did prime minister Theresa May describe this week as being among “the most expensive in the world”?
    1. French wine
    2. UK house prices
    3. Tuition fees in England
  6. Why were hundreds of KFC restaurants closed this week?
    1. Attacks from animal rights protesters
    2. They ran out of chicken
    3. Health and safety reasons
  7. Who stunned the world by appearing on the front row at a London Fashion Week show?
    1. Pope Francis
    2. Kim Jong-un
    3. The Queen
  8. What is the name of the area of Syria that has been under severe bombardment this week?
    1. Eastern Ghouta
    2. Kurdistan
    3. Mosul
  9. What is the name of the social theory which claims that vandalised urban spaces cause more violent crimes?
    1. Chaos theory
    2. Broken windows theory
    3. The butterfly effect
  10. Why was evangelist Billy Graham known as “God’s machine gun”?
    1. He spoke fast
    2. He advocated violence
    3. He made money from selling arms
  11. How many anti-depressant prescriptions were given out last year in the UK?
    1. 640,000
    2. 6.4 million
    3. 64 million
  12. How fast was Lizzy Yarnold’s final run in the skeleton competition, securing Britain’s first gold medal in this year’s Winter Olympics?
    1. 40.46 seconds
    2. 51.46 seconds
    3. 59.46 seconds

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Gymnast accused of taking performance enhancing drugs.” Hele’s School

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