Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

Strong and stable? Send us your funniest captions please!

  1. Who wrote The Odyssey?
    1. Sophocles
    2. Homer
    3. Aristophanes
  2. Which of these is NOT the name of a huge data leak from the last two years?
    1. The Portugal Papers
    2. The Paradise Papers
    3. The Panama Papers
  3. Who was the last Tsar of Russia?
    1. Alexander I
    2. Ivan the Terrible
    3. Nicholas II
  4. On average, how often is there a gun-related death in the US?
    1. Every ten minutes
    2. Every hour
    3. Every six hours
  5. By how much did the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement aim to keep global temperature rises below?
    1. 1.5˚C
    2. 3˚C
    3. 5˚C
  6. Chinese president Xi Jinping famously spent time living in a …?
    1. Tent
    2. Canal boat
    3. Cave
  7. Who was the British prime minister before Tony Blair?
    1. Ted Heath
    2. Margaret Thatcher
    3. John Major
  8. In which city are the first completely self-driving taxis about to hit the road?
    1. Phoenix
    2. Houston
    3. Denver
  9. Israel and which other country claim ownership of the Golan Heights region?
    1. Jordan
    2. Syria
    3. Lebanon
  10. Who famously wrote an entire novel in six words: “For sale, baby shoes, never worn”?
    1. Ernest Hemingway
    2. George Orwell
    3. Marcel Proust
  11. Which brass instrument is traditionally used in Remembrance Day services?
    1. French horn
    2. Bugle
    3. Cornet
  12. How many times has Trump tweeted the phrase “fake news” in his year since becoming president?
    1. 73
    2. 142
    3. 212

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Lemur alone, I need my coffee.” Bennett Memorial Diocesan School

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