Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

The Green Man spring festival in Devon. Captions please!

  1. Who famously said “a new dawn has broken” the day they came to power?
    1. Barack Obama
    2. Tony Blair
    3. David Cameron
  2. Kenya is considering passing a law that would ban social media users from doing what?
    1. Using fake names
    2. Criticising the government
    3. Supporting Donald Trump
  3. How much did Barack Obama accept to give a speech to Cantor Fitzgerald, a Wall Street investment firm?
    1. Nothing
    2. $40,000
    3. $400,000
  4. In which country did Madeleine McCann go missing ten years ago?
    1. Spain
    2. Portugal
    3. France
  5. At this precise moment, how many MPs does Britain have?
    1. None
    2. One
    3. 650
  6. At the 2015 UK general election, which party received 3.9m votes but only returned one MP?
    1. Green Party
    2. Liberal Democrats
    3. UKIP
  7. What is the Bullingdon club?
    1. A cricket club
    2. An Oxford University dining club
    3. A group of MPs
  8. Yesterday, people in six parts of England voted for their first…
    1. Mayors
    2. Conservative MPs
    3. Local councillors
  9. Theresa May is famous for wearing…
    1. Wellington boots
    2. Leopard-print shoes
    3. Stiletto heels
  10. Prince Philip once said that economy class sounded…
    1. "Ghastly"
    2. "Interesting"
    3. "Delightful"
  11. How old is Brad Pitt?
    1. 43
    2. 48
    3. 53
  12. Hundreds of people have applied in New York City to walk a woman’s…
    1. Lizard
    2. Tortoise
    3. Crocodile

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“New extreme sport: budgie jumping!” Hampton College

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1b, 2a, 3c, 4b, 5a, 6c, 7b, 8a, 9b, 10a, 11c, 12b

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