Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

The winds of Storm Doris have reached 94mph. Captions please!

  1. Roughly how much of the territory it held did Islamic State lose in 2016?
    1. One quarter
    2. One third
    3. One half
  2. Tony Blair has some advice for the British people on Brexit. What does he want them to do?
    1. "Accept it"
    2. "Rise up"
    3. "Leave it to the professionals"
  3. Donald Trump has had a busy month since becoming US president. Who has he NOT attacked on Twitter?
    1. "So-called judges"
    2. "Low-life leakers"
    3. "Know-it-all Russians"
  4. A famine has been declared in South Sudan. It is the first time the world has experienced a famine in…
    1. Four years
    2. Six years
    3. Ten years
  5. What percentage of over-16s in England and Wales are married?
    1. 37.8%
    2. 51.2%
    3. 63.4%
  6. Physicists say that 68% of the universe is made from…
    1. Atomic matter
    2. Dark matter
    3. Dark energy
  7. A psychological study in 2014 found that people with firm handshakes were more likely to be…
    1. Open and positive
    2. Aggressive and angry
    3. Shy and neurotic
  8. UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has faced heavy criticism for false claims he made back in 2011. What did he lie about?
    1. His place of birth
    2. The amount Britain pays to the EU
    3. The Hillsborough disaster
  9. Why was Kim Jong Nam (the half-brother of North Korea’s current leader) ostracised by his family in 2001?
    1. He made a speech supporting democracy
    2. He opposed war with South Korea
    3. He tried to go to Disneyland
  10. Thinking several inconsistent things at the same time is called…
    1. Confirmation bias
    2. Cognitive dissonance
    3. Natural selection
  11. NASA has discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a star called Trappist-1. How far away are they?
    1. 39 light years
    2. 143 light years
    3. 1,300 light years
  12. President Trump asked people to find out “what’s happening” in a certain country — but the country itself had no idea. Where was it?
    1. New Zealand
    2. Sweden
    3. Iceland

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Just caught the post.” Bedales School

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1a, 2b, 3c, 4b, 5b, 6c, 7a, 8c, 9c, 10b, 11a, 12b

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