Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

Massage therapy in Japan. Send us your captions please!

  1. How much bigger than the average British house is the average American house?
    1. 20%
    2. 40%
    3. 60%
  2. In which country is the Murcia region, which grows around 80% of Europe’s fresh produce during winter?
    1. Italy
    2. France
    3. Spain
  3. Which European magazine presented a controversial cartoon of Donald Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty as its front cover?
    1. Le Figaro
    2. Der Spiegel
    3. Corriere della Sera
  4. Who is the favourite to succeed Alastair Cook as England’s next Test cricket captain?
    1. Joe Root
    2. Stuart Broad
    3. James Anderson
  5. For how long did Shannon Matthews go missing in 2008?
    1. Six days
    2. 12 days
    3. 24 days
  6. In 2012 John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, said it was a ‘privilege’ to welcome the leader of which country to speak in Parliament?
    1. Pakistan
    2. Turkey
    3. Kuwait
  7. Which British painter, who lived from 1775 to 1851, was famous for painting landscapes?
    1. J.M.W. Turner
    2. Francis Bacon
    3. Henry Moore
  8. Which Labour MP resigned from the shadow cabinet following Parliament’s final vote on triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty?
    1. Diane Abbott
    2. Clive Lewis
    3. Keir Starmer
  9. Which art gallery opened a David Hockney exhibition this week?
    1. Tate Britain
    2. Tate Modern
    3. Tate Liverpool
  10. French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron’s political party is called…
    1. Allons-y
    2. On y va
    3. En Marche
  11. When did aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss first try to make a flying car?
    1. 1917
    2. 1967
    3. 2017
  12. A restaurant in Leicestershire rejected an 18-year-old for a job this week by…
    1. Calling her parents
    2. Texting her a crying emoji
    3. Blocking her on Twitter

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“My boat just catsized!” Millais School

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