Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption Competition

A lonely, pointless task? Send us your captions please.

  1. This week a probe successfully entered the atmosphere of Mars. What was it looking for?
    1. Oxygen
    2. Methane
    3. Carbon Dioxide
  2. For how long was Fidel Castro the leader of Cuba?
    1. 39 years
    2. 49 years
    3. 59 years
  3. Which of these hymns is technically an Advent hymn, rather than a Christmas Carol?
    1. The Angel Gabriel
    2. O Come, All Ye Faithful
    3. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  4. Compared to the rate in the UK, how many French people are unemployed?
    1. Half as many
    2. Roughly the same number
    3. Twice as many
  5. What did Paul Nuttall, the new leader of UKIP, do before entering politics?
    1. Teach history at a university
    2. Play professional cricket
    3. Live in Spain
  6. What is the German version of the proverb ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’?
    1. You can't sell your house and live in it
    2. You can't dance at two weddings
    3. You can't swim and not get wet
  7. Two weeks ago, what did students at City University in London vote to ban?
    1. Three right-wing newspapers
    2. Fancy-dress parties
    3. The Union Jack
  8. England have won just one penalty-shootout in their history, in 1996. Who were the opponents?
    1. Spain
    2. Germany
    3. Argentina
  9. How many more calories does the swimmer Michael Phelps consume per day compared to the jockey Tony McCoy?
    1. Three times as many
    2. Six times as many
    3. Twelve times as many
  10. Who is the leader of the Liberal Democrats?
    1. Nick Clegg
    2. Tim Farron
    3. Sarah Olney
  11. China is building a replica of the Titanic. Which of these will not be available to guests?
    1. Period-correct parties
    2. Speed-dating
    3. Simulation of the sinking
  12. Which popstar did Prince Harry meet in Barbados this week to mark World AIDS Day?
    1. Taylor Swift
    2. Beyoncé
    3. Rihanna

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Gymnast accused of taking performance enhancing drugs.” Hele’s School

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