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Passenger lands plane after pilot faints

Are we capable of more than we think? Could you land a plane if you really had to? Could you do an operation on yourself? Science shows it might be possible.  What's happening?   The passenger looked into the cockpit and got a shock. The pilot had collapsed.  Surely, the plane would crash! The passenger had another plan. He got on the radio to air traffic control. A few minutes later, he landed safely.  Find out more  This story made headlines this week. The passenger saved three people's lives by landing the plane.  But how did he do it? Experts say all he needed to do was believe in himself.  He is not the only one. In 2012, an 80-year-old woman landed a plane after the pilot fainted.  When a Russian surgeon became ill with no help on a trip to the Antarctic, he gave himself an operation. Are we capable of more than we think? Some say Yes! We can do almost anything we try. All we have to do is believe in ourselves.  Others think No. These people are lucky. Heroes exist, but not everyone has such luck. We should be careful and know our limits. KeywordsPilot - A small-scale trial to find out whether a treatment works outside of the laboratory.

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