Teenagers of 2013

From six-figure book deals to award-winning inventions, the following people have all made an impressive mark on the year 2013. One has sold a home-produced app for £20 million; another has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet not one of them has reached their 20th birthday. Here is our choice of the 12 most impressive and important teenagers of the year.

Tom Daley: A year after winning the Olympic diving medal he has always craved, Daley is hopeful of going one better in 2016. Last week the British public applauded the 19-year-old’s emotional announcement that he is in a relationship with a man.
Lorde: To top charts around the world at the age of 16 is impressive enough, but New Zealand artist Lorde has done so while singing songs that she wrote herself. And she has managed to win over critics as well as the public.
Dante de Blasio: He didn’t win this year’s election for New York mayor, but it’s unlikely the victor would have got very far without him: Dante’s powerful campaign ad launched his father Bill to one of the most important posts in American politics.
Beth Reekles: A physics degree at Exeter University is not an easy ride for anyone. But Beth Reekles is starting her studies while writing her third novel. Her first, The Kissing Booth, was viewed 19 million times online before being published by Random House.
Nick d'Aloisio: If you make your first million before the age of 30, you’re probably destined for great things. But Nick d’Aloisio became a self-made millionaire this March at 17 years old, when Yahoo bought his app Summly for almost £20 million.
Laura Robson: She may not have matched Andy Murray’s achievements (yet), but the young tennis star has gone further in Wimbledon than any other British woman this century. Number 27 in the world and 19 years old, her star will surely continue to rise.
Ionut Budisteanu: If you’re sitting in a self-driving car within the next few years, you may well have Budisteanu to thank. Google may have got there first, but while its model costs £45,000 to build, the Romanian teenager has made one for a fifteenth of the price.
Maya van Wagenen: Hunting for tips in a 1950s guide to teenage popularity is an unusual route to stardom, but it worked for Maya van Wagenen: her quirky diary became a sensation and she is now published by Penguin. There is even the possibility of a forthcoming film.
Jeremiah Emmanuel: South Londoner Jeremiah has lived with gang brutality all his life. When his friend was killed, he decided to take a stand. Now his project One Big Community helps young people all over London to avoid a life of violence.
Maisie Williams: Her Game of Thrones character is fierce, passionate and hard as nails. Her online persona is sarcastic and full of fun. But whichever role she’s playing the 16-year-old actress is adored by millions of fans.
Mayam Mahmoud: She doesn’t look like a typical hip hop artist, but Mahmoud has taken Egypt by storm after appearing on a TV talent show as the country’s ‘first veiled rapper’. Her lyrics focus on the prejudices girls face in a conservative Muslim culture.