Into the wild

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language,” wrote the philosopher Martin Buber. So what are these animals trying to tell us? The shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards has been announced, including wildlife shots from around the world. From an inquisitive seal to a rare Ethiopian wolf, the creatures all have stories to tell.

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Into the wild

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All images © the photographer/Sony World Photography Awards, Natural World & Wildlife shortlist (Open competition)

“While on a trip to Shetland, the biggest thing I wanted to do was photograph gannets as they feed underwater… To capture what goes on under the water was an unbelievable experience.” © Tracey Lund
“Every year, at Sheffield Mills, photographers come from all over the world to attend the Eagle Watch event. The eagles fill the trees surrounding a field where they are fed dead chickens… It is amazing to watch.” © Sandi Little
“For many years, grey seals have been hunted by humans for their fur and fat, particularly in the 19th century. In the Farne Island archipelago, they are now protected and cohabit with humans.” © Greg Lecoeur
“The Arabian red fox is a subspecies of the red fox. It is adapted to life in the desert. It inhabits virtually every environment in Arabia from cities along the coast to desert and mountains.” © Msaaed Al Gharibah
“These Pacific species of salmon will come to the west coast of Canada from the distant sea every autumn, then return to their birthplace up through an inland river.” © Yung-sen Wu
“Agony and ecstasy: the wide open mouth of a male sea lion.” © Pedro Jarque Krebs
“Dusk of the jellyfish. A jellyfish pulsates its umbrella right beneath the surface at the end of the blooming season in Mar Menor coastal lagoon.” © Angel Fitor
“By means of a double exposure in camera, a single common murre has been shown in two different positions. I intended to create a minimalist image showing mainly the white lines of the bird.” © Manuel Enrique González Carmona
“The Ethiopian wolf is one of the rarest animals in the world and at risk of extinction. There are only 500, almost all concentrated in the Sanetti Plateau, about 3,600 metres high.” © Roberto Marchegiani
“Each year from May to July, millions of sardines migrate along South Africa’s eastern coastline, following cold winter currents towards the warm Indian Ocean. As they move, they attract thousands of marine predators.” © David Salvatori
“The Chordeiles minor is a migratory bird that arrives in Colombia fleeing from the cold in the northern part of the American continent. This bird was hunting insects in the middle of a rainy night.” © Guillermo Ossa