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Nasty Nick, the raw talent electrifying sport

Should we support rebels? Taunts and mockery from tennis player Nick Kyrgios are making headlines while his outrageous talent lights up the hallowed halls of Wimbledon. Centre Court at Wimbledon was tense with anticipation as Australia’s Nick Kyrgios and the US’s Brandon Nakashima prepared to play yesterday. Would 20-year-old Nakashima, playing in only his second Wimbledon, win? Would Kyrgios repeat the shocking behaviour of his previous matches? He had his first tantrum just 12 minutes into the tournament, hitting a ball out of the court after losing a game. When a female line judgeAn official who watches the lines to rule on whether the ball is in or out. Increasingly, electronic eyes are being used instead. reported him to the umpire for something he had said, he called her “a snitch”. He also spat in the direction of a hecklingShouting criticism, usually as a member of a crowd. spectator. But that was nothing compared to his match on Saturday against Stefanos Tsitsipas. One former player, Jeff Tarango, said that it was the closest thing he had seen to a fist fight on court. Kyrgios was “a volcano waiting to happen”. Kyrgios constantly criticised the umpire and other officials. He served before Tsitsipas was ready, and once humiliated him with an underarm serveAllowed in professional tennis, but sometimes considered sneaky.. According to another former player, John Lloyd, the distractions made it “almost impossible” for Tsitsipas to play. Tsitsipas became so frustrated that he hit a ball into the crowd. In the end both players were fined – but Krygios won. Kyrgios has now paid almost £700,000 in fines in his career. The biggest was £113,000, for swearing at the umpire and smashing two racquets after losing a match in CincinattiA city in the US state of Ohio.. Other incidents include hurling a chair across the court at the Italian Open. He has twice been booed for “tanking”, and he was left out of Australia’s Olympic squad because of his behaviour. Yet everyone agrees he is a hugely talented player. After beating Nakashima he has reached the last eight at Wimbledon. And some feel that as with John McEnroeAn American player who won Wimbledon four times in the 1980s. He is now a BBC commentator. – Wimbledon’s original bad boyHe was famous for losing his temper, and once shouting at the umpire: “You cannot be serious!” – the passion he brings to the game is admirable. Break point Yes: We need them to shake up the established order of things and make new developments possible. Wimbledon is famous for being stuffily traditional and will benefit from the buzz Kyrgios brings.

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