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‘Klopp for PM!’ says former No 10 advisor

Could a football manager be prime minister? Tony Blair’s former spokesman Alastair Campbell argues that Liverpool’s manager Jürgen Klopp has the star qualities our leaders need. Jürgen Klopp grins. He is delighted. Liverpool has won the FA Cup and is close to winning the Quadruple. So where next for the boy from the Black Forest? Tony Blair's former adviser, Alistair Campbell, says Klopp is "wasted in football" and should enter politics. The spin doctor says Klopp says politicians need Klopp's "ability to bring joy and pride to a community." Since Klopp joined Anfield in 2016, Liverpool has won six titles. But should he take Campbell's invitation seriously? Sports psychologists Matthew Smith and Sean Figgins say he has five leadership skills: He creates a clear vision. He wants the team to play "very emotional and very fast." He inspires them to perform better. He performs that vision. Players and fans love his touch-line celebrations. "I get a little bit carried away," he admits. He trusts his team. And in return, they believe in him. "I trust him blindly," says Sadio Mané. He builds strong relationships. He cares about both the "person" and the "footballer", says Georginio Wijnaldum. He promises big and delivers. He said Liverpool would win a trophy within four years. And now the titles are stacking up. But some say politics is not football. It is three-dimensional chess. You need to understand history, economics and world affairs. Winston Churchill said: "politics is not a game". But critics of Alistair Campbell say he helped turn it into a game of political point-scoring. So should we listen to him? Other footballers have become politicians. Romário scored 780 goals in his career and is now the Senator for Rio de Janeiro. UK polling shows only 5% think politicians act in the country's interest. Alistair Campbell says Klopp reminds us "we have good leaders in this country even if they are not in the government." Could a football manager be prime minister? Political football Yes: Klopp would lead a world-class government. A successful manager must think on their feet. They have to be flexible and decisive, making key substitutions and tactical changes under intense pressure.

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