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Humans could be Martians says Brian Cox

Could life pre-date Earth? A famous scientist thinks that life may have begun on Mars and come to Earth on a space rock. Is there any truth in his idea? What's happening? For thousands of years, humans have guessed about where we came from. Some religions say we were created by God along with the world in seven days.  Now, some scientists have a different idea. They say that life might not have started on Earth. Instead, it might have come from space. Find out more Brian Cox is a physicist. He is famous for thinking about how the universe works. Now, he has an interesting idea.  He thinks that life may have come from Mars.  Cox says that early Earth was far too watery for life to grow. At the time, Mars had a better climate. And it had a mixture of shallow water and land.   Then, 3.7 billion years ago, everything changed. Mars became dry and cold. Earth became warmer and the oceans got smaller. It was the perfect place for life to grow.  Cox and other scientists think small living things called microbes travelled to Earth by mistake on an asteroid.  When they landed, they found a perfect planet to live on.  Could life pre-date Earth? Some say Yes! It is unlikely that life existed on both planets without being connected. To prove the theory, we now need to find proof that there was once life on Mars. No. We do not even know if the cells could survive on an asteroid. This is a crazy suggestion. It is more likely that life grew on Earth. KeywordsReligions - For example, Muslims abstain during daylight hours of Ramadan; Buddhists fast during intense meditation to practise self-control.

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