RSS Feeds

You can use our RSS feeds to get an automatically updated feed of all the latest content from The Day.

There are a number of different use case for our RSS feeds, the most popular is to integrate the feed into your school's VLE or intranet. You can also use them with some web browsers or desktop and mobile apps.

How to find our RSS feeds

The get an RSS feed of all our latest stories you can use the following URL:

We have RSS feeds for all of our content pages, the URL for these feeds use the extension ".rss". For example to see the RSS feed of our latest 'Arts & Media' stories the path would be:

You can use this format to get an RSS feed of articles filtered by your favourite subjects, categories, content types and even search queries.

Use your token login to automatically login with RSS feeds

If you have automatic token login set up on your account you can set the RSS feeds to use your token for the links in the feed. This would automatically sign anyone using your RSS feed into your account on The Day.

To do this you should pass your token to the RSS feed in the query string. For example if your token was "your-token" then the RSS feed URL for the 'Science' subject page would be:

How to get help

If you need help finding the best RSS feed or want to set up a token login the please email support at .