Daily Articles

The Day’s news articles have been carefully designed to be read in the classroom. Find out how in the video above, including information on:

  • How we structure the articles
  • The activities and discussion points which can be used as a ready-made lesson plan
  • The Q&A, Word Watch, and expert links which broaden students’ understanding
  • The article PDF and presentation view
  • The simplified version of the article, written for reluctant readers, SEN students and lower literacy abilities.

Don’t forget - a subscription to The Day is not just about the daily news. It also gives you access to our vast archive of over 5,000 stories across the national curriculum. You can find these under the subject pages at the top of the site, the search box in the top-right corner, and the tags underneath each article.

We also translate one article a week for Modern Foreign Languages teachers in French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Download the following posters to help spread the word to your fellow teachers!