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Five big ideas that WON’T be in the budget

Big day: Jeremy Hunt will set out his first full budget since taking over from Kwasi Kwarteng last year.

Should Jeremy Hunt have bigger ideas? Tomorrow, the UK's latest chancellor will set out his first budget. What's happening? Tomorrow is budget day in the UK. The person in charge of Britain's money, Jeremy Hunt, will set out his spending plans for the year ahead. Find out more Some think now is the time for big ideas. Here are five ideas that will NOT be in the budget. But some expertsSomeone who knows a lot about a particular subject. think they should be. Cities without cars. Cars produce greenhouse gasesGreenhouse gases, which increase the atmosphere's capacity to hold heat, are vital to life on Earth: without them the planet would be freezing. But human activity is disturbing the delicate balance that created the conditions for life as we know it. Carbon dioxide is responsible for 60% of the manmade greenhouse effect, but we also produce smaller quantities of methane, ozone and nitrous oxide, which are even more damaging. which cause climate changeLong-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. Human action is a major cause of climate change.. Now more people work from home. This is a chance to get rid of cars for good. Jobs for all. Leaders could set up a National Jobs Service that would find jobs for people who are unable to find work anywhere else. Basic income for everyone. Some experts say that if leaders gave everyone £2,000 a month, it would give them the time to be creative and do amazing new things.  Zero-carbon buildings. Houses and offices also produce greenhouse gases. Leaders could make sure that all new buildings are carbon-neutralA project is carbon-neutral if it absorbs, locks in or converts as much carbon dioxide as it emits..  Tax on robots. If companies paid a taxMoney workers pay to the government to pay for services like roads and hospitals. every time they replaced a human's job with a robot, there would be money to help train people in different jobs. Should Jeremy Hunt have bigger ideas? Some say Yes! The economyThe way that money flows through a country, which affects wages and the cost of living. is in a hard place. We need big ideas to change Britain for the better and make the country a better place to live. Others think No! These ideas would cost a huge amount of money. The budget should only include things that can be done easily this year. KeywordsExperts - Someone who knows a lot about a particular subject.

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