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Election, emojis, aliens: here’s what YOU say

Do teenagers know best? Each term, The Day runs daily polls to find out what you think about everything — from international politics to the Loch Ness monster. What did you have to say? He's making a list, he's checking it twice... Or is he? Not according to the 91% of you who think that parents shouldn't lie to their children about Father Christmas. In fact, The Day's readers are struggling to decide where to buy presents this year. Just under half (48%) of you are boycotting Amazon, after the company was accused of abusing workers' rights. This was not the only time you supported direct actionThe name given to protests and other forms of political engagement outside voting and negotiation.. Back in October, 91% of you thought that the England football team should have walked off the pitch after receiving racist abuse during the Euro 2020 qualifiers. Just a week later, 94% backed Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to speak out against unfair treatment by the media, which the couple believe is partly driven by racism. The UK's general election is at last finished, but only 26% of you are happy about the result. This figure reflects the generational gap seen in last Thursday's vote, when 21% of 18 to 24-year-olds voted for the Conservatives versus 67% of those aged over 70. And 84% of you think that Russia meddled in the election campaign. Transgender issues were high on the agenda in 2019. After we wrote about Vogue magazine's first-ever third gender cover star, just 10% said they believed a third gender exists. However, almost four in five of you want to normalise men giving birth. It was also the year that Emma Watson declared herself "self-partnered", but The Day's readers are old-fashioned romantics. An overwhelming 84% of you think that traditional romantic relationships are here to stay. Looking to the stars, 91% of you think that we have zero chance of finding life on Mars. Time to cast our search wider: 88% of you think distant planets are worth exploring. In a year of sporting controversies, 51% of you think that dopingDrugs, hormones and blood transfusions can all help to give athletes a crucial advantage. Some sports theorists say that doping is no less fair than using sophisticated technology or dietary supplements, but due to health risks and perceived dishonesty, most of these techniques are banned. should legalised in competitive sports; less than one in five of you would like to see medicinal cannabis ?- which can ease symptoms of epilepsy and chronic pain? - become legally available. What scientific boundaries will be pushed in the 2020s? This year, scientists in China produced the first-ever human-monkey hybrid. Over half of you (51%) think we should cross animals with humans. Do young people know best? "People underestimate the power of a young mind that is new to everything and experiencing for the first time," 18-year-old singer Billie Eilish told NME earlier this year. "We're being ignored and it's so dumb. We know everything." But adults might disagree. Take banning plastic, for example. It may sound good but, in reality, it will be extremely difficult to carry out. It could seriously damage a lot of businesses, putting jobs at risk and generally causing chaos. As you get older, you learn how complex life is and that change takes time. KeywordsDirect action - The name given to protests and other forms of political engagement outside voting and negotiation.

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