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  1. Will China start a war by invading Taiwan? Taiwan lives under threat of invasion by China, whose leaders see it as part of their territory. And some say that invasion may happen sooner rather than later.

  2. Is boredom interesting? In today’s world, boredom is easy to avoid. But scientists say it could be good for us – and now a whole boredom institute has been set up to study it.

  3. Is Shackleton the greatest survivor of all time? Explorers are looking for Shackleton’s ship, the Endurance, lost under thick sea ice for over a century. Its skipper’s tale of survival is the stuff of legend.

  4. Is Love Island racist? Once again, a Black female contestant was last to be picked. Some argue this represents a pattern that proves the show is far from being truly inclusive.

  5. Are there too many grizzly bears? A bear has fatally attacked a woman who was camping in Montana. It is the latest in a number of incidents between humans and grizzlies in northern US states.

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