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  1. Are robots better than humans at everything? The London Design Museum is displaying self-portraits created by a robot, raising questions about art, creativity – and what it means to be human.

  2. Is meritocracy a myth? Western politicians have often said that with enough hard work, anyone can be successful. But more and more people are questioning whether this is really true.

  3. Should everyone get a free lifetime income? Dozens of politicians have proposed a new benefits system that would mean everyone would receive a sum of money regularly for life. But not everyone is a fan.

  4. Should London’s sky pool be abolished? A pool suspended between tower blocks has been celebrated for its design, but has also provoked anger after only opening to the highest-paying residents.

  5. Does inflation lead to war? The fallout of the pandemic could lead to dramatic inflation in countries around the world. Some experts warn it could have potentially devastating results.

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