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  1. Is Facebook a threat to free speech? Facebook reduced Donald Trump’s ban and called for government social media regulations, but some say it is sidestepping a responsibility to protect free speech.

  2. Does doing bad things in a video game make you a bad person? Video games often ask players to make judgements involving life, death and morality. But do our decisions while playing affect how we behave in real life?

  3. Is France on the brink of civil war? Hundreds of French soldiers have warned of civil war in a public letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron, accusing him of “surrendering” to Islamist extremism.

  4. Has the world's top university lost the plot? Despite protests, Oxford University has refused to remove a statue of a Victorian industrialist with racist ties. Now, 150 academics are staging a boycott.

  5. Is the internet the world's worst polluter? Experts say watching one hour of Netflix produces as much CO2 as driving 400m. And as global demand for information grows, so will our need for more internet.

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