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  1. Are living cities a realistic response to climate change? Architects have won an award for designing a building created entirely from living trees. If built, it could make cities greener, but is it an impossible dream?

  2. Could human therapists be replaced by robots? Experts are turning to AI to fight a global mental health crisis. Apps, websites and even robot carers could help make treatment more accessible.

  3. Should the Olympics be cancelled for good? As the deadline for cancelling Tokyo passes, a debate about the future of the Olympics is underway, with many saying it no longer stands for any ideals.

  4. Will brain chips change your identity? These new devices could change life for those with conditions like epilepsy or Parkinson’s. But some suggest they may also affect how we feel, act and think.

  5. Is a society based on merit impossible? For years, politicians have promised that hard work will bring success, break down elitism and open up opportunities for all. But is it really true?

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