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  1. Should we welcome tech owners of football clubs? A few days ago, Daniel Ek, Spotify’s founder and CEO, announced that he was teaming up with three star players in a bid to buy his beloved club, Arsenal.

  2. Are thrillers good for us? TJ Newman dreamt up her terror-in-the-skies novel ‘Falling’ while guarding the cockpit as pilots took a toilet break. Can being scared make us more empathetic?

  3. Is it healthy for humans to have multiple births? A woman recently gave birth to nine babies, a world record. And twin birth rates are soaring worldwide. The causes? Later childbearing and fertility treatments.

  4. Will 3D printing change the definition of beauty? A Dutch couple have become Europe’s first inhabitants of a 3D-printed house – and it looks very different! Will it change our notions about architectural style?

  5. Was society more diverse in the past? A new study of men who drowned when Henry VIII’s warship, the Mary Rose, sank off Portsmouth has shown the diverse nature of society in Tudor England.

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