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  1. Is friendship better than love? The type of love that makes people happiest seems not to be passion but stable affection, understanding and commitment. Companionship, in other words.

  2. Are solar and wind the future of energy? The sun, the air and the ability to bottle their limitless power — it is looking more and more like these will be the world’s next great technological advances.

  3. Should Scotland be an independent country? The long debate north of the border about breaking away from the UK looks as if it may be about to come to a head. What would be the worst that could happen?

  4. Is NATO pushing Russia to the brink of war? The best test of policy is to imagine how it would feel if your foes did the same thing to you. On this basis, our policy towards Russia is dangerous and wrong.

  5. Is trying to be yourself a waste of time? From monks to existentialists and hipsters, the search for a true self has been a centuries-long project. Should we give it up and do something more useful?

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