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  1. Will space be the new Wild West? Experts are suggesting there should be borders drawn up in space after two satellites belonging to different companies nearly collided in orbit.

  2. Is it ok to enjoy art by a problematic artist? Philip Larkin was vilified after his death for his racism, misogyny and philandering. Now the bigotry of his muse, Monica Jones, has been exposed in a book.

  3. Is it time all museums gave their treasures back? Museums across Europe plan to return Benin Bronzes, part of a trove of more than 90,000 objects looted from what is now Nigeria by British troops in 1897.

  4. Is honey nature’s greatest invention? The oldest ever evidence of honey hunting has been discovered in West Africa. For over 3,500 years, humans have used it for food, drinks – and even medicine.

  5. Can evolution help the natural world survive climate change? “Pizzly bears” are a new breed emerging as endangered polar bears mate with healthier grizzlies. And they are more resistant to changing climates.

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