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  1. Have we seen the end of gendered clothing? From men’s skirts championed by Harry Styles to non-binary collections, fashion is becoming increasingly fluid. Some think the trend is here to stay.

  2. Is there an alien world buried inside Earth? A new study has found mysterious blobs of extremely dense rock near the Earth’s core. They could be remnants of an ancient, long-lost planet.

  3. Could AI give us dating tips? Scientists have trained AI software to write its own pick-up lines. Its efforts improve with time. Will computers soon be better at dating than people?

  4. Is it in our DNA to believe conspiracy theories? Pop culture may create stereotypes of the conspiracy theorist, but we all share evolutionary traits that make could make us susceptible to believing them.

  5. Should animal leather be banned? Designer Stella McCartney has a new line featuring leather made of mushrooms. With so many alternatives, is it time to stop killing animals for leather?

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