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  1. Do we have a responsibility to bring Shamima Begum back? A court has ruled that the teenager who left Britain to join ISIS will not be allowed to return. Some say it is a way to make her someone else’s responsibility.

  2. Do we have too much stuff? Many are choosing to give up their possessions and live with as little as possible in a growing minimalism trend. Could the craze help fight climate change?

  3. Are “counter-memorials” a good idea? There is a growing call for statues linked to slavery to be removed. But one new plan suggests they can stay if new statues are placed alongside for context.

  4. Is gaming a good career goal? An eight-year-old boy has just signed a contract to play Fortnite as a professional. He joins a growing list of people who are making a career from gaming.

  5. Should there be laws against deepfake videos? A TikTok channel with highly realistic videos of Tom Cruise has gone viral. These clips are for entertainment, but some say the technology could be destructive.

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