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  1. Is anonymity the secret to success? Daft Punk have announced they are splitting after 28 years. The pair put their success down to the fact that they did not pursue personal fame. Are they right?

  2. Is racism in our DNA? In every human brain is a fear reflex that is set off by the unknown. A defence mechanism for early humans, it could help explain xenophobia and bigotry today.

  3. Does it matter what actors play cartoon characters? For the first time, the Black Simpsons character Dr Hibbert will be played by a Black actor. Some say the change could not have come soon enough.

  4. Will cash die out? Cash usage is falling dramatically around the world. Many believe the pandemic may have hastened the trend. But what would a cashless society really mean?

  5. Can robots create real art? Scientists have trained robots to copy artwork apparently indistinguishable from work by humans. But many say art is not about perfection – but originality.

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