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  1. Should celebrities stay out of politics? The Indian government accused Rihanna of meddling after she tweeted support of protesters. Her defenders say she is using her fame to raise vital awareness.

  2. Does cancel culture ruin debate? The UK government is introducing rules to protect speakers from being cancelled at university events. Supporters say debate is a key element of free speech.

  3. Can racism in football ever be stopped? There are calls for social media to set clear rules after waves of online racist abuse – but some say the hatred is older than the internet, and harder to stop.

  4. Will flying cars make life easier? The dream of flying cars is one step closer to reality now a hybrid “land-air vehicle” has been approved for skies. But is it just another useless gadget?

  5. Do emojis count as a language? More than 200 new emojis have been released in a recent iPhone update. Some suggest the colourful icons are not only fun, but they are more powerful than words.

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