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  1. Is “rewilding” a good idea? Lynx could be reintroduced to Scotland for the first time in 500 years to help manage deer populations. But some are less keen on living alongside the big cats.

  2. Should we get rid of all borders? A psychologist argues that trans-nationalism is the answer to global problems like Covid-19. To fix them, he says, we must work together as one, huge country.

  3. Has health tracking gone too far? A new wristband is helping people track the wellbeing of their friends and family in lockdown. But some say we have become obsessed with monitoring our health.

  4. Could dolphins help humans survive in space? Research has found that dolphins can lower their heart rate to avoid decompression sickness. The findings could help astronauts suffering from “the bends”.

  5. Can seaweed feed the world? Scientists in Australia are developing a new form of superfood protein derived from microalgae. It could provide a way to feed the world's growing population.

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