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  1. Should we rent all our clothes? The fashion industry is responsible for around 10% of all global emissions. One way to make fashion more sustainable is to stop buying new clothes altogether.

  2. Should we protect future species from nuclear waste? Toxic waste buried a mile underground will stay radioactive for more than 300,000 years. But how do humans leave a message that proves how dangerous it is?

  3. Will Covid-19 bring an end to queues? Social distancing rules have meant that long lines have become a common sight during the pandemic. But new technology could make queuing completely virtual.

  4. Would experiencing smells make television better? One entrepreneur has developed a smart necklace that releases smells on demand. He hopes to use this technology to bring a new dimension to television.

  5. Is silence the world’s greatest commodity? In a new book, a world-famous pianist says silence is the most important sound of all. In today’s world, silence is becoming increasingly unusual.

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