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  1. Are facial expressions a universal language? New research from the University of Berkley suggests that we all use versions of the same expressions – such as smiles and frowns – in similar social contexts.

  2. Will streaming services ruin the film industry? Services like Spotify are growing in popularity, making record labels millions. Meanwhile, the average artist makes £0.009 per play. Is there any solution?

  3. Is studying abroad the key to success? A UK scheme replacing Erasmus+ offers students a time abroad at a range of global destinations. Some say it will make for well-rounded and ambitious students.

  4. Should animals have the same rights as humans? An elephant in a New York zoo lost a battle to be re-homed because she cannot legally claim human rights. Some say we should rethink what “human” means.

  5. Should all cities make public transport free? More than 100 cities around the world already provide free public transport for their residents. Supporters argue that other places should get on board.

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