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  1. Can film change the representation of a continent? A new genre called Afrobubblegum is described as “fun, fierce and frivolous African art”. Its makers hope to reverse centuries of pessimism about the continent.

  2. Has I’m A Celebrity had its day? Police are investigating claims that non-native bugs from the programme escaped into the Welsh countryside. Critics say it is time the show ended completely.

  3. Is Pompeii an ancient or a modern wonder? Two perfectly preserved bodies have been uncovered at the site. But some argue what is truly miraculous, is the art that went into recreating the city.

  4. Should governments pay people to be vaccinated? With some saying that they will refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine, some suggest it is in governments’ interests to offer incentives – like money.

  5. Should all countries ban the “pink tax”? This week, Scotland not only removed the “non-essential” tax – it became the first country to make sanitary items free. Should everyone follow its example?

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