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  1. Could drinking water be a cure for depression? Scientists have found that lithium in tap water affects our mood positively. Known as the “miracle ion”, it could reduce the risk of suicide.

  2. Is wood the smart building material of the future? Humans have used wood for millennia. But this ancient source is having a renaissance as a flexible, green material for skyscrapers, houses and even cargo ships.

  3. Is China the new Silicon Valley? One of the world’s fastest-growing apps, TikTok, could usher in an era where Asia leads the tech industry. That change could be transformative.

  4. Has the pandemic ruined our memory? People around the world have found themselves in an isolated routine during the pandemic – and it turns out, it’s not very good for our memories.

  5. Should we value darkness more? Western culture is closely bound with idea of light and dark representing good and evil. But light pollution from cities affects our health – and the planet.

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