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  1. Are we moving towards an age of drones? The cities of the future will have to change to fight climate crisis and protect against future pandemics. For some, this means turning to aerial technology.

  2. Has the pandemic changed our reading habits forever? Studies show that lockdown reads consist of classics rather than new literature. But will this trend last forever – or is it simply escapism?

  3. Will humans ever stop evolving? Research suggests that humans are continuing to evolve – and changing faster than ever before. But some argue there is an endpoint for our evolution.

  4. Should pupils be allowed to decide what they learn at school? A growing number of students want to have a say in the contents of their curriculums. But some declare that this would render teaching pointless.

  5. Is live performance a thing of the past? The pandemic has forced the entertainment industry to change radically. And as online performances become increasingly popular, some see no reason to go back.

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