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  1. Does it matter who writes queer stories? After coming out in April, Jaqueline Wilson has written her first book about same-sex love. Should LGBTQ+ authors be the only ones to write queer stories?

  2. Is 5G overrated? Tech companies promised a change that would revolutionise the way we use our phones – but critics argue that 5G does not live up to such positive expectations.

  3. Is DNA-based eating the future of food? Nutrition tailored to our individual bodies is growing in popularity. It could change the way food is produced and sold – and the way we eat together.

  4. Is it wrong to embellish true stories for art? A film about fossil-hunter Mary Anning has been criticised for its unconfirmed portrait of her sexuality. But some say a love story makes her more sympathetic.

  5. Can solitude be helpful? In the past seven months, we have come close to the solitude long sought by monks and philosophers, and it could have benefits – even if it’s not a choice.

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